Pubble is a cloud software program for publishers. We are a close team of publishing fanatics located in Weesp, The Netherlands. We create, design and develop the Pubble cloud sofware based on the daily practise of a publishing house. At the moment there are more than 450 weeklies produced with Pubble every week. 

Want to know how Pubble can simplify your way of publishing? 

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Tel. +31 294 410 054

Van Houten Industriepark 1, 1381 MZ Weesp

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Pubble simplifies publishing


Efficient tailor-made sales and CRM system with rich functionality for publishing businesses. Pubble gives clear insights on

targets and actual sales to optimize revenue.


Layout of the complete publication can be done within the web browser. Choose your mix between layout driven and creative layout. Full control on page status throughout the whole process.


Up-to-date overview of deadlines, page layout and the status of articles. From print to online, and the other way around, just one click away.


Easy to upload images for photographers or editors. The photo archive is always easy accessible throughout all parts of Pubble. Every image is automatically optimized for print.


Direct link between print and online, for articles and ads. User generated content, agenda community and much more.


Perform all your marketing activities, like email campaigns, directly from the integrated customer database.


(Electronic) Invoicing, electronic tear sheets, order confirmations, quotations, link to external bookkeeping solutions.


Up-to-date reports per edition, seller and clients. With these clear insights you boost your revenue.